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The company planted fruit in 2010 and since then manages the crop in full compliance with the guidelines dictated by organic farming, thus eliminating the use of synthetic products and intervening in the field in the least invasive way. possible for plants.

The hazelnut grove is immersed in the countryside and is part of an ecosystem that includes insects and animals of various kinds, with which the owners of the company interact in a respectful way, aware of the beauty of biodiversity.

The hazelnut transformation activity was started only in 2018 and aims to preserve the aromas and beneficial nutritional properties that this fruit possesses.

The company is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 18, while on Saturdays and Sundays we are generally closed. In any case you can try to contact us for a weekend visit.

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10 Curiosity about hazelnut

  1. Initially, they were an inexpensive alternative to chocolate. During the wars of the Risorgimento, the Piedmontese government had reduced the import of luxury goods, including cocoa. Therefore Paul Caffarel decided to partially replace it with the hazelnuts that Piedmont produced in large quantities and in great quality: thus the Gianduiotto was born.
  2. The hazelnut variety grown in Piedmont, universally recognized as the best in the world, is the “Tonda Gentile Trilobata”. In the original recipe of the famous gianduiotti, 28% of “Piedmont hazelnut I.G.P.” is used, combined with fine cocoa.
  3. The hazel was one of the first fruit trees used and cultivated by man.
  4. According to Istat data of 2015, in our country there are 71,520 hectares of stone cultivated, of which 68,600 in production.
  5. The largest producer of hazelnuts in the world is Turkey, with 70% of world production. Italy follows with 13% and the United States closes the podium with 4% of production.
  6. The caloric intake of a hazelnut is 665 kcal per 100 grams of product, consisting of 14% protein, 64% fat, 6% carbohydrates and 8% fiber.
  7. The beneficial properties of hazelnuts are so many that it is said that the snake of the Staff of Asclepius, an ancient Greek symbol associated with medicine and today a symbol of the order of pharmacists, is coiled around a hazelnut branch.
  8. Nothing is thrown away from the kernel: the leaves are used to create healthy herbal teas, the oil is also used for cosmetic purposes thanks to its purifying properties, the shells are excellent fuels.
  9. The hazel rod, as told by a famous tale by the Brothers Grimm, has been the best weapon against vipers and snakes since ancient times.
  10. An ancient remedy for baldness was to smear the head with hazelnut oil.


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Clearly yes! We use the main national and international services to carry out all shipments, with tracking codes and all the precautions for the correct conservation of the product, so as to guarantee quality upon arrival.

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We offer major electronic payment methods or, alternatively, you can choose to pay on delivery for a small fee.

Do your products contain allergens?

Unfortunately, hazelnuts are one of the main allergens to which we usually pay attention and all our products contain high concentrations. Nevertheless, hazelnuts may not be the only allergen present and we invite you to take further information in the personalized sheet of each product on this site or on the label.

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